Quarterly Meeting of the Peshtigo Chamber of Commerce

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Please join us for the quarterly meeting of the Peshtigo Area Chamber of Commerce at Peshtigo Middle/High School on Wednesday, February 9th.This meeting will be a working lunch event featuring a tour of the Peshtigo School Trades, Manufacturing, and STEM classroom facilities with presentations to be made by the Technical Education Teachers. You will benefit from this opportunity because of direct networking connections, as well as an understanding of how local schools provide instruction and training so that upon graduation, students can join your local workforce, and further their education.Meet with and discuss with the administrators and education staff to present ideas that will help meet your desired business needs and provide necessary input toward developing your potential future workforce.

Lunch will be prepared by acclaimed Chef and Food Service Director Justin and served by the Peshtigo school district’s food service staff.Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect.Please RSVP by email to peshtigochamber@centurytel.net.We look forward to seeing you!