About Us

About Us

Peshtigo is comprised of a diversity of business, industrial, educational, and recreational opportunities. Its location on Highway 41, approximately 45 miles north of Green Bay, WI, affords local business and industry easy access to and from their sites. The main economic strength of the area has been the forest products industry for over 100 years. With today’s changing technology and market demands comes the potential and realization of an even more diverse business structure to the area. Many businesses are locating their offices, shops, and staff to the Peshtigo area to fill the growing demand for their services in this area. Today, nearly every type of business can be found in or around the Peshtigo area.

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Much of the reason for the growth the Peshtigo area is and has been experiencing, is the way of life in this area. As with many smaller communities across the country, Peshtigo has seen many new faces in recent years as people realize the value of pride, devotion and hard work, and the direct effect these attributes have on a community. Through all of these things and more, Peshtigo has grown to be one of the most aggressive small communities in Northeast Wisconsin.

In addition to strong business, and certainly the source for a large portion of the local, educated workforce, Peshtigo’s educational system is regarded highly by incoming residents and peers across the country. The Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center provides a quality and innovative curriculum to grades K-6, giving the area children a solid foundation to move toward their high school years at Peshtigo High School. The schools are located within walking distance of each other which affords a large amount of invaluable interaction between the young and older students. Tutoring and class assistance at the elementary center is a way for the high school student to share and give example to the younger students while learning more themselves. All aspects of the educational system, including the extracurricular activities and sports programs, excel in Peshtigo, evidenced by the high quality students that move into secondary education and the workforce.

Residents, students, relatives, and visitors all have some of the most relaxing recreational areas around to enjoy and take a break from all of today’s demands. From the Peshtigo River and all that it offers, to a multitude of parks, campgrounds, and seasonal activities across the region, the Peshtigo area has something for everyone’s recreational desires.

Local business, industry, education, and recreation time are all responsible for the way of life in Peshtigo. Residents enjoy the small town feel. They literally see the results of the local industrial arena in and around their neighborhoods, in the papers, and even in their homes. Their children have true opportunity to excel in all they do and be supported by their educators. After all the work or homework is finished, any number of recreational activities are here to enjoy.

This is a good way of life. This is Peshtigo, WI.