Wild Goose River Kayak Group

The Peshtigo Area Chamber of Commerce has entered into a joint community effort to procure and place an American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant kayak launch on the Peshtigo River within the water boundaries of the city of Peshtigo. This is in keeping with our mission statement to promote responsible business development, tourism and growth in the overall best interest of the Peshtigo area through services and representation of the business community.

We recognize the Peshtigo River offers many opportunities for recreation including, swimming, boating, fishing and more. Kayaking has grown in popularity locally with residents and visitors alike.  The Peshtigo River provides kayakers an abundance of beauty in a pleasant natural environment above and below the dam. Kayakers provide an economic contribution to our area businesses and in turn to our communities as a whole. It’s also apparent those same people consider our community a great place to recreate, live and work.

Kayak access to the Peshtigo River currently involves riverbank side launches or existing boat launches, neither of which is favorable to kayaks because of their low profile. Additionally, getting in and out of the kayak via the current method can be unsafe to the boater, not to mention further difficulties for those with disabilities.  The Peshtigo School District currently offers students a canoe/kayak training program which gives them experience launching and operating along river. As part of the class, students riverbank launch at the Trout Creek Bridge on North Emery Avenue adjacent to the parking lot by the football field. The area provides an ideal location for an ADA compliant kayak launch. It can also be used by the public, day trippers, Badger campsite visitors and the Peshtigo River Paddlers who have traditionally engaged in and organized kayak events in our area.  

Planned funding locally would take an aggressive area wide effort partnering with local government, businesses, manufacturing, civic organizations, philanthropies as well as citizen donations. We believe we can achieve the financial goals needed to fund this project with your support.

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The following pictures show the proposed site, map of proposed site and computer rendering of dock.

Computer rendering of the dock
Here is the proposed site